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Digital mastering

GLB Records provides all the means necessary for mastering your tracks into a bigger dimension. The quality of your track depends on the audio dynamics and finetuning. 

Quality sounds sell !


Digital mastering includes embedding all the digital meta-data & cover art into your track, so not only the  "sound" mastering. This enables tracking your downloads and completing your track into a finished product.  Thus saving time & work for radiostations which receive GLB-promo releases.

ISRC registration

ISRC stands for "International Standard Recording Code". This code will be generated by GLB Records & embedded into your digital track during mastering.


This code will also be officially registered, so your track is recognized @ all digital streaming, plays & downloads to collect your artist copyrights & royalties if you are registered to such company.

Promotion & Publishing

GLB Records will promote your tracks pre-release on to a whole personal database of well known Belgian top deejays & radiostations (in BE/UK/FR/DE/HU/ES..) by means of mailinglist and personal contacts.


Music magazines & social mediagroups as facebook will be posted of your track releases.


Your track on the GLB SoundCloud.


On our own YouTube channel, people can have a preview video of your track or videoclips.


All other posts will be regulary done @ the most popular social media as Facebook, Twitter, VK, etc...


We cover a great part of publishing, so that your tracks are not just promoted at the launch date. Equally you, as an artist/producer, will be presented to several mediagroups and many radiostations around the world...


Other questions? just send us an e-mail


New tracks will be given extra airplay @ DanceWars Radioshow broadcasted on every Friday. DanceWars is a dj/producer/nightlife show from 9 till 11pm on KIX Belgium, broadcasting, on 3 of the biggest frequencies in Flanders on FM104.7-105.9-106.3, but also available on livestream and free app.

more info : http://www.radiokix.be/ 

Event Support

Together with our partner SOLICO Roeselare, we're able to help supporting our artists on live events, shows or all other technical support sush as videowall or total custom concepts.


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