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ANONYMIZE - Belgium Kubb

Do you know Anonimyze? Listen to top quality Belgian Techno and enjoy the talents of our Flemish DJ / Producer of the GLB Records family. With 'Belgium Kubb' Anonymize once again makes a highlight of a techno track that you should definitely have. In addition to a popping beat combined with a catchy melody, this track has a sublime structure to push your speakers to the limit and make it a real party for you.


(Released on JUNE 17th 2020)

ESSOR - En France

Essor's first GLB Records release is out there...
"En France"  
is a techno track where we do not spend a lot of words on, it's just super great techno music for fans who enjoy known artists such as UMEK, JEFF MILLS, CHARLOTTE DE WITTE


(Released on April 15th 2020)


 Smashing Techno track from the hand of Belgium DJ/Producers ANONYMIZE. This track is pure techno power!

This track is full of energy and will give goosebumps moments on the dance floor.(Released on February 12th 2020)       

ANONYMIZE - Child Of Evil


Anonymize brings you another smashing techno track that will drive your speakers to the limit. 'Child Of Evil' is a techno track where you can go crazy, inspired by the techno productions of famous Belgian techno founders. Yet Anonymize gives its recognizable sound again in this track, a successor to 'SpaceWreck'. Enjoy and go nuts! 

(Released on August 30th 2019)       

TWEAKEN - Delusion

Nicolas & Fabien, the Belgium producers and dj-performers of TWEAKEN have made a new progressive house track 'Delusion'. 

With a hint at one of their first progressive techno albums, 'Illusion', they now release their new sound. Tweaken is gaining more and more fame among the techno and club audience in Belgium, thanks in part to their unique performances in which they bring their own work live. Don't miss this track in your collection!  

(Released on August 15th 2019)       


For those who really love electronic dance music with a memorable sound, they will enjoy this constructive party track! Once again Anonymize from Belgium ensures that you will certainly not stand still, both on the dance floor and anywhere else...

(Released on June 1st 2019)       

ANONYMIZE - Spacewreck

Spacewreck defines the various techno skills of producers Anonymize. In this Techno production you can enjoy Melodic goosebump moments, suitable for all dance party's or to get lost of yourself.

(Released on May 25th 2019)       

ANONYMIZE - First Rave

Anonymize strikes again! Pure party techno track with pounding bases and great drops. A catchy melody makes this one complete!

This progressive techno production has it all. So enjoy this Belgium progressive techno music! 

(Released on March 29th 2019)          


Strictly techno for the new generation. For this stunning track Anonymize was inspired by Charlotte De Witte, a Belgium techno dj and producer.  

(Released on October 5th 2018)       


The NEW Virtual Zone is a fact. With "Dark", the famous Virtual Zone is back in 2018 letting you enjoy some great tech-house!  

(Released on Februari 28th 2018)                                       

TWEAKEN - Illusion

Subliminal Progressive Techno track is coming your way from the Brussels DJ & producers duo Tweaken

 (Released on Februari 21st 2018)                                                                                   



Smashing Tech House track from Belgium DJ & producer Laurent Jay.


(Released on January 14th 2018)                                                  

TWEAKEN - French Kisses


Progressive Techno track with sublime samples and variating basslines.

(Released on September 1st 2017)


Progressive techno track from the Belgium dj/producers duo "Tweaken", known from several live performances @ Belgium clubs. 

(released on April 23rd 2017)


Progressive techno track from the Belgium dj/producers duo "Tweaken", known from several live performances @ Belgium clubs. 

(released on April 23rd 2017)


Add this Techno track to your music collection and enjoy real nice Belgium Future Techno... This track includes a sexy female vocal that you wil never be able forget.

(Released on June 23rd 2017) 


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