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Meet Section-G, a project supported by GLB Records...   

This production is mainly tech-house with a little touch of retro house. 


A story of humanity as it is now... living in a 4th dimension, a digital virtual world.

"Digital Grid" has been released on September 21st. 2018, enjoy it!


ForceVille, DJ & Producer of deephouse, tech house & techno...   

GLB records released "Snap" in September 2016 ,a deephouse track with a funny snapping sample. Enjoy it!


At the age of 16, Stephane Wilson started his DJ career in Dancing Du Parc, Dottignies Belgium. His style was funk, soul, pop corn oldies, …

Between the 80’s and nillies, Stephane expanded his residencies at famous clubs such as "Le London", "La Grange", "La Peniche", "Le Barbas", "La Sangria", "Le Porsche", "Le Beaulieu", "Le Punch", "L’Apollo", Le Fleury", etc.


His first track @ GLB is called “Back To You”, in collaboration with the ravishing British female singer & songwriter Leanne Brown. 

The track was released @ GLB Records on March  4th 2017.

Latest release > "Technations", released on June 23rd 2017.

Musician, producer, DJ, and electronic music enthusiast alike, Eric Avalon is a resident of Bruges, Belgium.

When not performing, he spends his time in the studio creating his own music… Having spent many years playing at all of the major local night clubs, holding multiple residencies, Deejaying at special events…,

"Raygun" with Stephanie Standerwick was released on November 18th 2016. 


Most of Stephanie's time Stephanie performs at the stages in Vancouver Canada. Stephanie is a well known singer from the 'Stephanie Standerwick Band'. Her music sound can be described as classic Rock & epic rock vibes with a modern twist. Recently her new rock album 'Stand' was released. More info: www.stephaniestanderwick.com


Producer & DJ SPHEREPHONIC launched in 2007 and dance music is his biggest passion. He was one of the resident deejays @ ZooClub ... He performed with famous techno masters as Joey Beltram, John Sparks, Will Turner & many more!  

Steph started experimenting in producing at home with very litle knowledge and learned a lot about music by following several coureses on sound, music and production of music. 


Spherephonic released his tracks "First Wave & Navajo" in July 2016 @ GLB Records. 

The latest tracks @ GLB were "Future" & "Comodo" before his break as DJ/Producer.


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