Virtual Zone "Le Marteau De Thor"

Virtual Zone, a legendary name in the Belgian house scene, not merely in the late 90's but later on in the first years of this millennium.

With several number one tracks in the music charts covering more than 24 countries. The name Virtual Zone is welknown from tracks such as "Virtual Zone", "Heaven", "Into Temptation", "Feel So Good" & many more...

With live performances all over Belgium such as  Tomorrowland, Ethias Arena, Sportpaleis,... Virtual Zone has always been active in the music scene.

The latest collab was with Jessy De Smet (Known from Mackenzie) for her new album.

In 2016, the first release after 15 years was a fact! After "Soldiers" in July 2016 the latest tracks are released @ GLB Records, called "Neutrino" & "Give Me Your Hand"

Producer Patrick Kacmar is also occupied making music for synchronisation... With "Le Marteau De Thor" or "Hammer Of Thor", Patrick made a very dark and mythical sound track, suitable for scary, mysterious or exciting episodes... 


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