Some nice pictures

First official meeting after the Covid-19 lockdown... Rasja & Glenn 

GLB's latest artist DJ / Producer RASJA signed in at the family...

GLB @ TOPradio's weekly radioshow PARTYROOM with Wouter De Vries

>DEJAVU (Jari), introducing the releases , also Dejavu DJ-set & promotional interview with Glenn (labelmanager)

GLB @ TOPradio with Virtual Zone, introducing the NEW track "Into The Light", also DJ-set & promotional interview with Glenn (labelmanager)

GLB @ 10 Years Beach Land with VIRTUAL ZONE live

HOUSE INNOVATIONS by GLB Records @ CABO Blankenberge

The location: @ Club Cabo Blankenberge - Anonymize playing

J-Line playing & VIP / ARTISTS section

The GLB Records VIP Yacht

House Innovations Boat Trip (COSMO YACHTCHERTERING)



GLB's "VIRTUAL ZONE" live @ Ethias Arena Hasselt 7th April '18 on I Love The 90's the party

@ The Virtual Zone studio for the production of the new track "Dark"

Laurent Jay signed in @ GLB Records...

Spherephonic & Stephane Wilson @ SO W'HAPPY Festival Rogny


Live @ radio RGR (Meifoor Brugge)

Stephane Wilson & Spherephonic with Glenn @ MAX Belgium

Virtual Zone @ FG Radio Antwerp

Producer Patrick 'Virtual Zone' @ the decks LIVE on FG Radio

Interview with Virtual Zone on FG Radio with Michiel 'Sakso' Hofman

Virtual Zone @ Reflex Antwerp

      Eric Avalon Live interview @ Radio Kompas

VOICES - Release Party @ KLuB LuXXX

Laurent Jay

J-Line vs. Final Eclipse

Virtual Zone

Laurent Jay & Virtual Zone

Lady D'nova -Da Tunez ft.Gramps- Glenn

NIILO - J-Line - Glenn

Amaxxy & Virtual Zone

Virtual Zone & Glenn

Signing the agreement with "Eric Avalon"

              for the track 'Raygun'

GLB # Ibiza @ The Beach

DJ Greg S & Glenn

Glenn with DJ Koony DJonah & friends

@ The decks with DJ Ricardo (Bocca/Insomnia Nights)

Dirty Panda - Release Party

Release Party from ANONYMIZE @ Ramses II  - Izegem

Glenn hosting the TOPradio "DanceWars" radioshow


Signing the agreement with Anonymize

for his track Dirty Panda

Meeting with DJ Andy

& "Virtual Zone"

@ The Q-music beach house with Peter Verhoeven in full action

@ Radio I.R.O. for the promotion of the new Virtual Zone track "Soldiers" & 

     remix by DJ Chris Niveda


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