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ESSOR - En France


Essor's first GLB Records release is coming your way soon, called "En France" so stay tuned for pre-order and release info

"En France" is a techno track where we do not spend a lot of words on, it's just geat techno music for fans who enjoy known atrists like UMEK, JEFF MILS, CHARLOTTE DE WITTE ...



Enjoy it soon!


DJ RASJA - Virus


DJ Rasja's first GLB Records release is also coming your way soon, called "Virus"


pre-orders half of April and to be released on April 30th 2020

This pumping energetic tech house track keeps the vibe in your party. The female vocal adds an extra to the dynamic bassline of the track. 

The melody is without a doubt catchy.

Enjoy this track and stay tuned for more house music by DJ/Producer Rasja from Belgium!


Enjoy it soon!



Belgium independent


Location @Bruges - Belgium


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